On hiring

Anyone wishing to engage will sign an individual employment contract with the employer. The contract is concluded in written form, in Romanian, registered with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate. The employee will receive an original copy. Before signing the contract, you must be informed of: the place of work or, in the absence of a fixed job, the possibility for the employee to work in different places; employer's headquarters; function / occupation, as well as job description; the criteria for assessing the employee's professional activity; job risks; the date from which the contract is in force; the duration of the contract and the probationary period; the length of the leave to which the employee is entitled; the conditions for the giving of notice by the Contracting Parties and its duration; salary, bonuses, bonuses and date of payment; the duration of work, expressed in hours / day and hours / week; working conditions;

Employee has the following rights:

  1. the right to be paid for the work done;
  2. the right to daily and weekly rest;
  3. the right to annual leave;
  4. the right to equal opportunities and treatment;
  5. the right to dignity at work;
  6. the right to safety and health at work;
  7. the right to professional training access;
  8. the right to information and consultation;
  9. the right to take part in determining and improving working conditions and the working environment;
  10. the right to protection in the event of dismissal;
  11. the right to collective and individual negotiation;
  12. the right to participate in collective actions;
  13. the right to form or to join a trade union;
  14. other rights provided by law or applicable collective labor agreements.