What is the role of the trade union

The main role of the trade union is to defend the rights and promote the interests of the workers, as well as to negotiate decent and fair conditions of work and salary.

The union will help you:

  • You know what your rights are at work - has someone to inform you.
  • You have a bigger security of your job - there's someone to defend you.
  • Be protected from abuse - you will be treated properly.
  • You have whom to consult with in difficult situations - you have a dialogue partner.
  • You have legal advice and assistance - in the trade union there are people specializing in labor relations.
  • You have a representative to fight for your rights - leaders take the risk for you.
  • You make yourself heard - it takes over to solve your problems at work.
  • Never be alone - you are a member of a team.
  • Gain more easily a major illness or problem - grant help.
  • You develop, learn new things - you have access to trade union or professional training programs.

You get to know new people - you can establish contacts in the country and around the world.