Multi-employer bargaining: good for the economy, good for the society


In Europe, the crisis stopped upward social convergence among our countries and the fragile economic recovery which followed was not able to revitalise it. The quality of employment, wage levels as well as working and living conditions still suffer from scars left by the crises and vary deeply  in European countries while...

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Speech of Mr Bogdan Hossu, worker's delegate at International Labour Conference

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Solicităm acționarilor societății Electroaparataj SA Târgoviște să utilizeze instrumentele dialogului social pentru a găsi soluții la revendicările legitime ale lucrătorilor

CNS Cartel ALFA atrage atenția că legislația din România este extrem de permisivă cu interesele firmelor offshore, în detrimentul interesului statului român

Cerem parlamentarilor români să revizuiască de urgență cadrul legislativ existent cu privire la Legea dialogului social precum și normele juridice incidente în...

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NTUC Cartel ALFA urges the management of Electrolux to replace pressure and threats with dialogue and negotiation

Through the voice of the employees remaining in the factory, Electrolux Company threatens to relocate production to Poland. We believe it is an action to intimidate the strikers, which is aimed at discouraging workers in Satu Mare and elsewhere, to claim their rights. This is mainly due to ineffective Romanian labour law and also to Romanian institutions that allow multinational employers to...

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