Our values and priorities

The Trade Union Confederation Cartel ALFA was created in 1990 in order to achieve a genuine representation of the Romanian workers.

Today more than ever there is a need for collective action to ensure decent working conditions and for every worker to be treated with respect.

An independent organization

The Confederation is totally independent of the government or political groups, acting on the principle of free and voluntary association of unions at the confederal level.

Just as the working people are stronger when they act together, the unions are stronger when they join forces.

CNS Cartel ALFA's priorities include:

  • supporting member organizations, assisting them in representing their members and keeping up with the changes taking place in the field of labor relations;
  • representing those who earn their living by working, by means of public positions, research, campaigning for legislative change or in society;
  • promoting collective bargaining, social dialogue and solidarity, with workers at the center of social and economic policies;
  • the training of experienced union militants who can freely express their opinions and truly represent the interests of workers;

Our values guide our actions. We advocate for equality of rights, fairness and justice, for dignity and respect for all workers. We believe in solidarity: workers can do more together than they can do on their own.

Because many of the decisions that affect us all go beyond the gates of the company, the borders of the community or the state, we work with trade unionists in Europe and around the world to promote the interests of workers.