Salary and other benefits

The salary is the amount due by the employer to the employee for the work done or the services provided by the employee. Other terms used are: remuneration, pay, allowance, or balance (military specific).

he basic salary is the fixed part of the salary, according to which the other employees' rights (bonuses, management compensation, salary, etc.) are calculated. Payment of salary is a major obligation of the employer. The salary is paid at least once a month, on the date fixed by the individual employment contract, the applicable collective labor contract or the internal regulations.

Spores are granted in relation to the conditions in which the activity is carried out, the working time, the length of time materialized in the increase of the economic efficiency of the performed work.

 Additions to wages, bonuses, social benefits, meal vouchers and gift vouchers are established through negotiation and are included in the collective work contradiction.

The gross salary includes, besides the basic salary, the bonuses and bonuses and the contributions that the employee owes.

Net salary is the salary that the employee leaves home (what remains after all contributions and taxes are paid). Individual negotiation is good to achieve net salary.